Dev Update #8 - Samurai Archer Added & More - The Samurai Archer is done and Basic Sword fighting is starting to feel really good... (Read more)
Dev Update #13 Live - So we invited a group of around 20 streamers, close fans and friends to play Hanako - SotS for the first time in a demo build and we couldn't be happier with the results. Not only did we get extremely valuable feedback to help shape the future of the game and for the first time in seven years of development, we finally got to see people genuinely enjoy our game, despite it being in very early stages.
Dev Update #6 - We have been deliberating for some time about the seriousness of Hanako. We have invested hours upon hours into the development of a very serious backstory, with a lot of personal relevance mixed in. However, we determined that we think the game needs to stand on it’s own from the competition and previously Samurai-themed games alike...
Hanako to Embrace UE4 Game Engine. +Mpact Games has officially begun pioneering the new Unreal Engine 4, as it migrates its freshman title, Hanako – Soul of the Samurai from Unreal Development Kit to the new game engine. The team will explore the advantages of this new game engine, and hopes to demonstrate its progress for players and developers interested in embracing the new technology.

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