Each class in Hanako – Soul of the Samurai has its own unique skills and combat styles. There are many paths in creating the right build for your team and any combination can lead your team to victory. Will you become a shield or a spear? Will you support your team from the back or charge into the danger with the first battalion. Each class provides you with a chance to either show your skills in the light or bring victory from the shadows.

Kenshi (Swordsman)

The Kenshi are the epitome of the noble, brave warrior. A great class for beginners learning how to play, they are the most balanced class when it comes to strength, defense, and skills, with the ability to handle any situation. Their average amount of armor allows them to balance speed and durability, allowing swift attacks while still being able to take a hit. Their signature Katana is the only weapon they need to create a deadly offensive or an impenetrable defense.


Ite (Archer)

Always on the lookout, the Ite is a good class to have covering the team. A great class for players with experience in ranged supporting role. Having less armor than other classes allows for greater movement speed. Coupled with their increased Ki Sprint, they can cover long distances quickly. The Ite uses this advantage to avoid the enemy or set up an ambush with their bow in the perfect spot. They also use their enhanced senses to help cover a teammate’s retreat or take out the enemies in their path.


Naginata (Spearman)

The first to battle in any great army, the Naginata class is steadfast and fearsome to behold on the battlefield. The Naginata is a great class for players who want to be the shield or the spear. A single warrior of this class can be a wall that holds the enemy back or a deadly force cutting a swath through enemy lines. The Naginata is a deadly weapon with a long reach and, in the hands of a master, can have complete 360 degree control of the surrounding area near and far.

Ninja (Assassin)

The shadow within the shadows, the Ninja exists at the edge of the battlefield, providing covert coverage. A very specialized class, the ninja is suggested for people with experience playing the game. With the least amount of armor and most amount of Ki, Ninjas must be very skilled to use this to their utmost advantage. Avoiding direct confrontation and toe-to-toe combat when possible, these masters of deceptive tactics use counters and skills to skulk along the road to victory.