Game Modes

  • Battle (BF)

The Battle Game mode is the most open-ended game mode as far as game rules. This mode is the first mode you will experience if you play a campaign. Battle is all about the combat and making use of the various cover and flanking methods. Team composition is important here as you’ll want a good mixed of balanced, ranged and heavy fighters.

Rules & Information

  • Ticket-based scoring: Each clan gets [player number] x10 tickets to start. First team to run out of tickets loses. (Alternatively server administrators may opt for time limit with high score, or highest remaining tickets instead).
  • Hanako and Yamai teams start in war camps on the opposing sides of each map.
  • Neutral (rogue) team spawns in remote areas of the map.
  • Rogue hiring system available to “hire” rogue players to a team in exchange for honor.
  • Flammable cover, high-grass and other cover mechanics are very prevalent in Battles.
  • Intended for large player bases (16v16 if not higher)
  • Capture the Informant (CTI)

Details to be revealed soon enough.