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Dev Update – March 2017

Top Update News

We have been working on an Early Access trailer since June of last year and finally finished shooting. It was a lot of slow, methodical work but it's currently in post-production and will launch with our new website in April. Besides that we've been overhauling our AI, gameplay, bug fixes, finishing up/polishing our Village Game mode and more for our MomoCon Indie Awards submission. We were a Georgia Finalist last year but fell just short so we've been working hard to prove ourselves and our work.

Game Mode/Gameplay Update

Pretty much anyone on the team involved with programming, UI and level design has been all-hands on deck to get our Hanako Village map and Village Siege game mode...

January 2017 Dev Update

Main Update

We've been hard at work getting ready for Early Access release later this year. We've had some very stable builds as of late which allows us to have hours-long tests that are actually pretty fun. It's a great feeling to put so many years into something and finally see it coming together.

Art Update

The art team is continuing work on our Kenshi (Swordsman) class and we hope to have him done by the end of February to finally reintroduce our Archer character into playtests. We decided to try out Night versions of some of our maps, starting with the Hanako village. UE4 just added an awesome feature to swap out lighting setups without duplicating your map files or placed models.

Gameplay Update


Dev Update: End of Year 2016

Main Update Discussion

We decided that it would be cooler and more efficient to come up with a new name for the game with a big Trailer coming out somewhere between Feb-Apr and our Early Access release later in 2017. The team unanimously decided on Hanako: Honor & Blade

Gameplay/Programming Update

Our programmers have been working on getting the game more stable so we can spend more time enjoying the game with our internal test group. We've had a handful of two hour tests and it's been awesome, after so many years of work, to sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Game modes have been an on-going focus, more specifically our Capture the Informant game mode - which if you like dragging rag dolls around you may like this...

Dev Update | November 2016

Gameplay Update

We've been churning away at really polishing our melee combat and existing mechanics before diving too deep into other areas of the game like re-introducing our Archer character (see the video for the first look at his model). We are testing weekly and plan to expand our testing to make sure all of our modes are fun while we continue to create content. We're also working on getting our game modes implemented, then refined. We have been playing Battle (essentially TDM) for a number of years and need to expand our tests to all of the modes from our design document. Here's a shot from our first Village game mode map. This mode is a tug-of-war style mixture of destroy/defense and capture.

Art Update

Shown above is the...

New Teaser Video | July ’16 Update

Important Update Things This teaser shows a lot of little snippets of our gameplay, which we haven't shown in a really long time unless you've come to one of our dev streams. Make sure you leave us your comments on what you think! We also have been working on really taking our gameplay and feedback we received from over 250 people at MomoCon and applying it first-hand to mainly combat but also other areas of gameplay too. So we mentioned last update that we're looking to release to early access sometime at the end of the year or in the first quarter of 2017. Stay tuned for more information and media to get ready for war. Make sure you join our early access...

Dev Update | June 2016 – Post-MomoCon, Steam/Early Access News and More!

Quick Recap We had an awesome turnout at MomoCon. We got a lot of feedback regarding our HUD, combat hit feedback and navigation so we've been hard at work addressing those things. We also got our first build on Steam to start internal alpha testing on there that we'll be bringing an internal test group we're building from Early Access waiting list signups. If interested please signup at Earlyaccess.hanakogame.com What's Next We're still working on addressing feedback from our MomoCon player base. If you came to see us there, please leave a comment to let us know it's you! We'd love to keep in touch. Over the next 3 months we think we can make another giant leap with our melee combat before re-introducing...

Dev Update | April 2016 – MomoCon, Ninjas and more

Most Important Update Topics We've had an incredibly busy month finishing up the remainder of our Quarter 1 milestone for the year. Part of that goal was getting our game to a point that its ready to show to press, potential investors; whichever interested parties may want to help our game and studio grow. During the past month or so we also submitted an in-progress build to MomoCon. Though it wasn't quite ready we places as one of the Top 3 Georgia-Based Indie Games for their Indie Game Showcase. We now have a very solid build, as you can see some tidbits of above, to submit again for the final judging in May. Winning this would go a long way to helping us get past the difficulties of getting press from larger...

Dev Update | Feb/March 2016

Most Important Update Points We submitted to the MomoCon Indie Showcase which is judged by members of the gaming press. This is important to us because we've always had an issue breaking past what we call the "indie press wall." Which is okay because writers and editors get swarmed with hundreds or thousands of indie games a day but we're confident our build is finally coming around. We had our first playtest in probably the history of the project where the entire dev team wanted to cancel the rest of our weekly meeting to keep playing. As devs, we've always said, since we're our own harshest critics, "until we have fun playing, no one else will like it." It's nice to finally get a taste of that. Gameplay/Programming Update We are...

Dev Update: January 2016

Most Important Update Things We made another strong recruiting push and brought on some really talented developers and artists to help push our UI to where it needs to be. We haven't had UI support for the last ten months so getting our menus, game flow and HUD progressing was very difficult. Now we are trying to get that all caught up with the rest of the game. Departmental breakdown below. Art Update Above is a concept piece Matt created to show the color scheme/look/mood of our new level we're starting on, Hanako Village. This map is the first of our Village game mode maps. This mode has players defend or destroy key objectives (like the temple in the bottom left, or the thatched roofed stables on the...

Dev Update – Dec ’15 “End of Year Update”

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxSyIFGsYPY&feature=youtu.be[/embed] Most Important Update Things After the last update a few months ago, we really set our focus on combat feedback and animation quality improvements. The big takeaways from that were as follows: we really needed better rigs, with better range of motion; we really need camera animations; and we need better effects and "slicing/rip out" animations when you successfully hit an enemy. So at the time of the Reawakens Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZQaFwqzdjQ) we just finished the Naginatashi rig and that video largely showed off what we can do with that character. Now we set focus to getting as much gameplay for this character done as possible. If you watch the video above you'll see some first-look footage of the character in action, showing off WIP animations from the light and medium stance. We're very excited for...

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