What is a Thunderclap?

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As the name Implies, a thunderclap is a storm cloud that creates an explosion of energy. A loud roar that cannot be ignored.

On the web, Thunderclap is a web app designed to socially promote something you care about.

For us, its an excellent way to create a storm of social media posts to promote our cause and our upcoming kickstarter.

Thunderclap is FREE and is a big portion of our overall campaign. It represents the next step in our promotions after our successful steam greenlight.

Your quick-and-simple vote for us on thunderclap helps us in a big way.

It solves the visibility/saturation (i.e. “too much stuff”) problem so often faced by social media.

Ever post something to twitter or facebook, then ask your friends if they’ve seen it?

Ever SEE something on the internet then ask your friends if they have also?

More often then not, what kind of answer do you get?

Since there are so many posts online, and everyone is busy, sometimes we miss things we’d be interested in.

And not only that, but promoting yourself and growing your social network to big numbers (no matter your reason) is a lot of work, even for those who are happy to tackle the challenge (like us).

Thunderclap SOLVES this by posting an idea, all at once, on a single day, to MAKE SURE an idea gets seen and heard. With enough effort, It allows any idea or social cause to get big, fast.

Other Steam Greenlight games have used thunderclap with great success.

For example:

into the war thunderclap

into the war badge thunderclap

The steam game “into the war” received 16,000 supporters and 3 MILLION social reach with their thunderclap.

Though Their campaign has ended and the game received mixed reviews,  nonetheless the thunderclap gave them a big audience in a short span of time.

Even better, Huge names have supported thunderclap to promote big causes

thunderclap big names

thunderclap brands

Yes, that would be Beyonce, The White House, The United Nations, as well as big companies, etc.

Not just big brands though. Notice the 100kin10. A small team reached a huge audience all thanks to thunderclap.

thunderclap case studies

Major campaigns have been launched.

The top campaign reached ONE BILLION PEOPLE. That’s a BILLION with a B. (That’s nearly HALF OF THE INTERNET, at that time, people).

So yes, in short, Thunderclap is powerful because it collects social media networks and then posts to all of them simultaneously at one time, exactly once (without spamming), for one day, at the end of the campaign.

Its like “kickstarter” for promoting something you care about.

So teams of any size can use it to grow their reach with certainty.

We’ve created a Thunderclap FAQ for you here:

There’s nothing to be afraid of. Thunderclap is a well known app that is nice to you 🙂

So what are we asking for, exactly?

We’re not asking you to hand over your social media account.

We’re asking you to VOTE.

Think of this as no different than voting for us on steam, only its a vote that goes viral, easily and automatically with no work on your part. (two clicks and you’re done. You can share more if you want to, but that’s up to you!)

People can see my name on the thunderclap. Will I get spammed?

No. If you want to use this as a chance to promote yourself you can, but this is optional. It shows the top supporters and most recent ones. If you would like us to feature you, or cross promote, message us in private.

Is there any cost?
No, thunderclap is free. Push “support us“, authorize, and you’re done.

We would appreciate if you would spread the word about the page by sharing, and you can sign in with another account if you like, but you don’t have to.

Thunderclap DOES NOT TAKE ANYTHING FROM YOU or from your account.

It doesn’t touch your friends or privacy or any such thing.

It simply offers you the chance to easily and effortlessly give a big boost to your favorite ideas or causes. Including Hanako.

It just ques up a single post to go viral ONCE at the end of the campaign.

Is there any oblication?
No. You can opt out any time, and you will never lose anything.
Its set-and-forget.

Will thunderclap violate my privacy?
No. It only counts the NUMBER of friends or connections you have. It does not know who they are and will not message them. It does nto collect information about you.

In fact we’re connected with the CEO of Thunderclap. He’s a nice person 🙂

Is thunderclap spam or will it spam my account or my friends?
No. It will not.
It ques up ONE post to go out on the campaign end date once we meet or surpass our goal.

What if I’ve already voted?

Most of all, Share.

Then Tell your friends directly.

For extra credit, you can Add http://supportus.hanakogame.com to your email signature (write this , 3 step structure) : here:

Click to Promote Hanako Soul of the Samurai, make it go viral for free. Click Here: http://promote.hanakogame.com

If you have a website or blog, embed the widget. Click “embed” on the thunderclap page, then copy the code & paste it.

That’ll do it!
If there’s anything we can do for you in return, shoot us a message or leave a comment on our facebook page.

We’d love to hear from you. Thanks!