This is Sparta


300 stand strong


Actually, Its Sengoku Japan.

But we’ve hit 300 on our thunderclap anyways.


300 @ thunderclap

300 strong. Against the tidal wave of a campaign, worldwide.

And Since one of our Hanako team members is Greek, what better way to celebrate the heroes of ancient battles than to honor the spartans?

300 stand strong in the rain

thunderclap logo 150 px

Like that famous scene from the film, a roaring thunderclap serves to embolden us on our fight (and dance) with the grand odds to face our collective destiny, only to do so  with warmth and honor.

Though featuring very different fighting styles and distinctions in culture, Indeed, Both Spartans and Samurai are known to be great warriors who fought well and with incredible, unwavering vigor against incredible odds.

And like both of these brave tribes, we stand here with YOU, brothers & sisters, taking our family and growing it strong amidst this powerful campaign.

Thank you all for your support.

It is truly an honor to live among you, and to serve you in this campaign.

To Victory & Glory,

The Hanako Clan