Hanako 50% Off Promotion Clarified

Hey Everyone.
We recently decided to reward thunderclap supporters with a 50% off key.

However, While we love you dearly, Details We need to clarify:

First, keys are delivered AFTER RELEASE (~Early 2016), as We are still working on our game.

The purpose of the thunderclap is to support us (for free) with your social network, to spread the word about our game easily.

As such, only accounts with an active following of at least 25 friends/followers or more will qualify. Your account must have obvious and REAL social activity.

Fake accounts will not redeem keys.

You cannot get a discount by starting an empty twitter account and signing up.

Please do not tweet or message us demanding keys if you are not using a real account.

We’re hard at work building our game AND our community, so we will not honor unreasonable demands.

We’re happy to be honor our offers, but we’re not happy to allow them to be exploited.

Thank you for understanding. We simply cannot reward people who try to cheat our generosity.

Ultimately, it will be our discretion whether or not we grant keys to supporters if we suspect any of the above, however you’re welcome to support our game and we welcome you to the Hanako family otherwise.