Dev update 5/11/15

It’s been awhile since we’ve released any news after our Kickstarter campaign. We’re sorry for the silence and wanted to inform all of our faithful fans as to what we have been doing, how it will effect the game in the future and what’s to come next.

Patching up our Gear

After the Kickstarter was over we told you we would be spending some time looking at the results and making changes as necessary so we could improve the game and move forward. Well we’ve done just that. Soon after the Kickstarter campaign was over we created a new demo right off the bat so we could enter into a convention’s indie game section. We learned a lot from our demo and made huge improvements with V2. We are currently working on a V3 that should hopefully take the play experience right where it needs to be leaving any and all confusion about just what the game is/ will be like behind.

We’ve also been spending time re-working our pipeline for various parts of the game. We have come up with several areas that we think we’ve improved very well and should be very noticeable down the line.

Last but not least we are working very hard to get back into the groove of production. Running both the KS campaign and the trying to get into the indie show tired us out. So the next couple of months will be going back to development full time so we can have more game modes, characters classes, maps, and mechanics to show off ASAP. All of this leads us into the next part…

Into the Future

We realized after KS we needed to refine some aspects about our game and one of those is definitely how we show the game or describe it in text. We tried our best to be our own marketing crew, but afterwards realized we need some help there. So we are happy to say we have enlisted some help and are working together to bring up our marketing level! (No more noob marketing for us!) We have not fully worked out our marketing schedule / plan so don’t expect it to roll out just yet.

On another note we are also looking at trying to get in front of some publishers. We know this is a scary thing for most because it is easy to lose creative control. So we are sticking firm to our choice of not having that happen. If a publisher is interested in working with us we are very open to talking things out. If things seem like a good fit we will actively pursue working something out, but otherwise we are prepared to make the long steady march of the indie developer.

As always, thanks fans for sticking with us. We will do everything in our power to make this happen. In the meantime. please bear with the sporadic news updates that will most likely be coming out as we make real efforts to get a handle on an appropriate marketing strategy for the game. On a side note, please feel free to send us any comments or suggestions on what you would have liked to see from our KS or demo, what would you like to see in the future and if you did not spend any money on the campaign what would have changed your mind?

– Team Hanako