Dev Update | June 2016 – Post-MomoCon, Steam/Early Access News and More!

Quick Recap

We had an awesome turnout at MomoCon. We got a lot of feedback regarding our HUD, combat hit feedback and navigation so we’ve been hard at work addressing those things.

We also got our first build on Steam to start internal alpha testing on there that we’ll be bringing an internal test group we’re building from Early Access waiting list signups.

If interested please signup at

What’s Next

We’re still working on addressing feedback from our MomoCon player base. If you came to see us there, please leave a comment to let us know it’s you! We’d love to keep in touch. Over the next 3 months we think we can make another giant leap with our melee combat before re-introducing the Ite (archer) so we’re going to focus on polishing melee combat then move onto the Ite to carry us into an early access release hopefully at the end of the year or soon after early 2017.

We’re also working on a new gameplay trailer since we haven’t shown gameplay on YouTube since our Kickstarter back in March 2015 so this is going to be our best trailer to date. Here’s a shot from it:

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