It’s a time of warriors, people fighting for honor, love, greed, and above all, the future of a nation. In this time friends become enemies, enemies become brothers and everyday is a good day to die for Lord and country.

The land is split between many warlords but two clans slowly rise to the top. To the southwest rises the Yamai. Through violence and bloodshed they make their way through the other warlord’s territories, slaughtering hundreds along their path. Holding no oaths to the sacred samurai code of bushido they throw aside honor for victory. The land will be renewed and if war is what it takes the Yamai will bring it. They will bring this whole country to its knees in fire and ashes and rebuild it if necessary.

To the northeast rises a noble clan, Hanako, renowned for unifying the warlords together, striving for a strong nation under the current Emperor. Upon hearing news of the East the Hanako clan starts reaching out further trying to unify the west in an attempt to meet and stop the Yamai. A new country cannot be built on blood and violence. We should strive to build a nation as one…

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Key Features

  • Choose from Various Classes of Japanese Warriors.
  • Campaign Across Japan.
  • Cultivate Your Warrior’s Skills.
  • Guide Your Blade With Precision.
  • Take Advantage of Battle Circumstances.
  • Customize Your Warrior.

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Game Modes

Hanako has four unique game modes, each bringing a new play experience for you and your friends as well as a new way to enjoy each class. Each match has its own specific rules, objectives, and challenges on your way to achieve victory.

  • Deathmatch
  • Capture the Informant
  • Village
  • Assassination

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Each class in Hanako has its own unique skills and combat styles. There are many paths in creating the right build for your team and any combination can lead your team to victory. Will you become a shield or a spear? Will you support your team from the back or charge into the danger with the first battalion. Each class provides you with a chance to either show your skills in the light or bring victory from the shadows.

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