Dev Update | April 2016 – MomoCon, Ninjas and more

Most Important Update Topics

We’ve had an incredibly busy month finishing up the remainder of our Quarter 1 milestone for the year. Part of that goal was getting our game to a point that its ready to show to press, potential investors; whichever interested parties may want to help our game and studio grow.

During the past month or so we also submitted an in-progress build to MomoCon. Though it wasn’t quite ready we places as one of the Top 3 Georgia-Based Indie Games for their Indie Game Showcase. We now have a very solid build, as you can see some tidbits of above, to submit again for the final judging in May. Winning this would go a long way to helping us get past the difficulties of getting press from larger gaming websites. We need it to grow our family and are working hard to tell our story.

Art Update

We’re getting ready to shoot a new gameplay video since our game is pretty different from our last gameplay-heavy video from last year and a much longer video than the Reawakens teaser from last October. Part of that required us to re-style our Gifu Crossroads battleground map. This map hadn’t been touched in about a year and a half, so it wasn’t quite cohesive with the newer maps in terms of our art style change that took place last summer.

We’re also continuing progress on our new Hanako Village level that’s the first of our village raid game mode. We’ll have more of that to come on our social networks.

Gameplay & Animation Update

The Ninja is now probably the most developed class in our game, surpassing our progress with the Naginatashi from the end of last year. He can grapple to Oni Totem meshes, can grapple players and yank them to him. He has poison smoke bombs, venomous kunai and a really awesome Master combo with his Kusarigama (sickle and chain).
We also have been polishing the Naginatashi more and have begun re-doing the Kenshi character on our new rigging/character pipeline so we can do much better animations to match the quality/fluidity of the Ninja.

Programming Update

A lot has been poured into the Ninja and getting that character feeling really good. We will be focusing on additional polish and feel to make sure overall combat feels right, especially feedback.

We’ll be focusing on some systems in the coming month like dedicated server and continuing to build out the rest of our game and game modes ultimately leading to doing Steam integration to start preparing for Early Access.
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